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Are you tired of being a slave
to the Government for taking
part of your Labor (Income)?
Are you tired of the
telling you how to spend
the income they let you keep?

Do you believe the
Government has the right
to give your income
to others (Redistribution)?

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Vision of America

The American Dream is alive and well today and Americans believe in "the Shining City atop the Hill". 

Proof is in the fact that so many foreigners wish to come to America.  Some are willing to risk their lives and break our laws just to come for the opportunity for a better life.  Those who come here legally, we welcome with our national pride.  We offer to them the resources of our Nation to help them build a better life for themselves and their families.  We are all sons and daughters of immigrants. We thank God, for their bravery, their vision, their desire for freedom and their sacrifice and tenacity to build this Nation. Our desire is to follow in their steps. We are thankful for those immigrants who have come before us and will come in the future.

Referring to America for immigrants from around the world, Abraham Lincoln said: "The last best hope of earth." From 1855 to 1890 at Castle Garden Immigration Depot in New York followed by Ellis Island from 1892 to 1954, immigrants were welcome and registered. Those in good health and had their papers in order were welcome. Ninety-eight percent (98%) entering through Ellis Island were admitted. Even then, those trying to enter illegally or in bad health were not admitted.

We, the American people, want our voices heard: as individual citizens, businesses, corporations and churches.  All of us want elected officials to hear all the voices before making decisions and shaping policies that impact our lives. But we want Washington to hear this voice: “We the people are able to care for ourselves, our neighbors, our friends and we can do a better job than the government." We want the government to assist us, not replace us. We want government to make it possible for individuals to succeed, by leveling the playing field, by enforcing regulations and laws, and by prosecuting the unlawful.

We don’t need a new majority, we the people, the citizens are the majority.  Working together we can do anything.  We the People relying on the government results in no lasting objectives being accomplished.

Our Vision of America in the future is one of hope, prosperity and citizens living up to their dreams. There have been many individual and national dreams lost or forgotten that we must revive in America.

Healthcare Providing Health care to every American is NOT a government responsibility.  Where is it in the constitution?  The government’s responsibility is to insure that rules are followed and, that those breaking the rules are punished.  Healthcare should be a private sector business as it has always been.   For those physically or mentally disabled, we, the citizens, should provide tax money for them to purchase health care insurance in the private sector.  Those on welfare should also be given the money to purchase health care in the private sector.  Members of Congress should also purchase their health insurance from the private sector - No more special congressional government plans.  There should be no public government plan.

Our Vision is a private health care system for everyone with differing levels of premiums for primary care, emergency care, long-term care, and catastrophic illnesses.

Jobs To fight for the American worker, we will make America more competitive in the world markets such that America will be the country most sought after for building businesses and providing jobs.  We cannot force companies to locate in American.   We can keep companies from moving here with high taxes and complex regulations, thus making it more difficult and costly for operating in America.  Ours is a long term solution for enticing them to build here.   They must want to locate here.

Our Vision is to create economic conditions such that they can’t get here fast enough to satisfy their needs: no taxes and minimum regulations with tough penalties for breaking the law or harming the environment.

Wages The demand for labor is the power which controls wages.  After WWII, companies had to do anything and everything to get employees.  They even begin offering Health Care as a benefit to attract workers.  They also offered higher wages.  Over the following decades the demand for workers was so great that women were brought into the work force.  Wages rose, productivity rose, businesses prospered.   Gone are the days of a single income-earner being able solely to provide for their family needs.  But we can get back to those days of a single income-earner providing enough so that the spouse can stay at home to raise their children.  But for those families who wish, the two family income-earners can again rise more quickly up the economic ladder to provide better opportunities for their families.

Our Vision is that demand for workers will again rise to new levels providing higher wages and benefits.

Social Security Social Security is a safety net and was never envisioned as a retirement program.  We need to return to that idea.  Everyone has to take responsibility for their retirement years.  If they receive Social Security then let it be a bonus.  But we need to motivate citizens to save for their future through individual private saving programs.  The government needs to wean everybody off Social Security over the years by moving part of their involuntary contributions to private accounts that cannot be borrowed by the government to cover their own wild spending habits.

Our Vision is an America where Social Security is available as originally intended but where the majority is dependent upon self-initiated programs.

Education Every American deserves the best education from the best teachers in the world.  The avenue to education has to be open for everyone who desires it and is willing to work for it.  There are those who will receive technical training, attend junior college, college or graduate school.  But we must insure that everyone finishes High School.  Failing to finish high school is unacceptable: today, tomorrow or in the future.

Our Vision is an America with the best available education beyond any other nation in the world and an America with a One Hundred percent (100%) high school graduation.

Energy America must have plenty of reliable and environmentally safe energy to survive the future.  Our economy requires it.  Our past has depended on massive amounts of available energy.  Our future will continue to depend on massive amounts of energy: Nuclear, Clean Coal, Natural Gas, Wind, Solar and Oil.  America consumes the largest amount of energy in the world today as compared to other nations.  Our percentage will diminish over the decades as other nations grow but the total amount that we consume will continue to increase.  Efficient use of energy must improve.  Our consumption of large amounts of energy today and in the past has allowed America to lead and make the world a better place to live in. We have to do all these things for us to remain the leader of the world.

Our Vision is an America with abundant resources for energy, enough for our continued growth in the world.

Food America is the bread basket of the world.  Our farmers have created the best food supply in the history of mankind.  And they have spread this technology throughout the world teaching other countries to provide for themselves.  But we and the rest of the world need our farmers to continue to not only survive but to prosper.  I remember the days when companies allowed their employees who farmed to be off work to tend to their farms during planting and harvesting season.

Our Vision is an America with a vibrant farming economy with business and government promoting their growth and trade throughout the world.

Government The U.S. Government is the best in the world.  But it is excessively large and bureaucratic.  The government needs to assume its rightful place: fulfilling the wishes of the citizens as a republic.  We must reduce government to a smaller size, capable of performing its duties of defending America, providing justice for all and insuring the blessing of liberty for all.  Budgets must be balanced, debts paid off, Social Security funded and America put on a firm footing.

Our Vision is an America with limited government and individual rights of freedom to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

Immigration The immigration system is NOT broken.  Because some people break the law does not follow that the system is broken.  Illegal immigrants are U.S. law breakers and should be treated accordingly.  What’s broken is our borders and they must be secured.  The open borders should no longer be a means for illegal immigrants to enter the country.  In addition we must make it unattractive for people to enter America illegally.  Children born to illegal immigrants must not be given citizenship just because they were born in this country (this may require a constitutional amendment).  Illegal immigrants must be removed from our nation immediately.  We welcome immigrants to our nation.  But we must ask that they abide by our laws otherwise don’t apply to come. We require that they recognize English as the official language of America and seek to learn English.

Our Vision is an America with open arms to those willing to join the effort to make and keep America great.

Citizenship To be a proud American requires that you live up to the requirements of citizenship: obey the laws; participate in elections and voting; help others as a individual; help others through your church or other organizations; take financial care of yourself and your family today and in the future; protect the life, liberty, property of others; and the willingness to give your all, including life, to protect your country.

Our Vision is an America flourishing as citizens embrace these ideals.

Patriotism Being a patriot is simply being willing to give your all for your country: Life, Liberty, Property, and Pursuit of Happiness.  In other words putting yourself in situations with the possibility of dying for your country.  Anything less is just being a good citizen.

Patriotism is showing love of your country and honoring those who have put their all on the line for our Nation.

Our Vision is an America where everyone is willing to give their all for their family, for their country and for fellow citizens.

All these objectives can be reached without government control and intrusion in your life.