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It is our deepest desire that you will become more aware of the responsibilities of the States to watch over our Nation. These "United States of America" have the responsibility to call a Constitutional Convention for offering amendments to the U.S. Constitution and then ratifying these amendments in each State. The "Framers" and the "Founding Fathers" reserved this right for the Individual States so as to retain the republic's power within the jurisdiction of "We the People".

Our desire is to solicit the individual states legislatures to call for a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Below are listed our beliefs via issues and the amendments that are developed based on these issues. After accessing a pamphlet, select BACK to this page on your web browser. This Reading Guide can only be accessed from the HOME page.

Pamphlets from Don Stuart Since 2008 I have written many pamphlets about varied subjects.
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Blessing of Liberty Are we settling for the loss of our Liberty? What are the Blessings of Liberty?

American Ideals What is the Revolution of Liberty?

U.S. Constitution What are the Rights reserved for the People?

Mission Statement Why is this important to you?

Vision of America What is the vision that we have for America?

Goals and Objectives Here are our Goals and Objectives. We hope you can agree with them.

Call for Convention The only way to get Congress on the right track is to call a Constitutional Convention.

General Welfare
Income Taxes
Tax Comparison
Corporate Taxes
Amendment: Repeal Income Taxes

Why isn't the Income Tax part of the Constitution? Could it be the "Founding Fathers" did not believe that the fruits of your labor (income) should be taxed?

Buy Savings Bonds
Amendment: Limit Borrowing

How can we get our Nation to live within its means?
Why should we be loaning money to ourselves?

Senator Election
Amendment: Repeal Direct Election of Senators

Why should the States give up the right to elect their Senators?

Spending Reauthorization
Amendment: Limit Government Spending Programs

Why should spending bills go on forever and never be reviewed for their effectiveness?

Natural Born Amendment: Natural Born

Should Natural Born be the only criteria to become a citizen?
Should you also have to be in our Nation legally?

Property Rights Amendment: Property Rights

Can the government take your property and give it to someone else for their benefit?

Health Care Amendment: Health Care

Should we have National Health Care?
Should Health Care be private with provisions for those not able to afford?

Home Schooling Amendment: Child-Parent Protection

Should States Law require a parents to have a teaching certificate to home school their own children?

Dual-Citizenship Amendment: Dual-Citizenship

Dual-Citizenship should be prohibited.

General Topics Natural Debt - Why is it so big?
Political Center - How do we move back to the political right of center?
Trade and California Strawberries - Why is free trade good for everybody?

Pamphlets from Don Stuart Since 2008 I have written many pamphlets about varied subjects.
Click to see a list to read.