Preserve Our Nation, LLC

US Congress


All Others We Verify!

Are you tired of being a slave
to the Government for taking
part of your Labor (Income)?
Are you tired of the
telling you how to spend
the income they let you keep?

Do you believe the
Government has the right
to give your income
to others (Redistribution)?

Check our Amendments! Review our Mission and the Issues!

Goals, Objectives and Plans

Our Strategy is to build a coalition of supporters that will enable us to put forth our Issues before the American public so that they can make informed decisions about our Nation and our elected officials.  In conjunction with this we will set forth certain Goals that will lead us to effectively elect politicians who favor our issues. 

Our strategic plans and ultimate outcome is set forth in our Mission Statement and our Vision of America.

  • Goals are our desired accomplishments.
  • Objectives are specific items that must be accomplished for a goal to be reached.
  • Plans are specific actions to accomplish objectives.

As can be seen from the following goals, we have an uphill battle.

Goal: To have two-thirds of State Legislatures call a convention to propose amendments to the U. S. Constitution.
Objective:Have the required number of states, three-fourths, Approve Amendments to U. S. Constitutional.
Plan:Using media and citizen support in each State, have the State Legislatures approve Amendments.

Goal:Improve the public's ability to elect Senators and Representatives and have a major turnover in congressional membership by 2016.
Objective:Insure that the American Public has information about the issues so they can adequately and intelligently judge candidates running for office.
Plan:During each election period and between elections run TV and Radio ads informing the public about issues.  Place written articles in various media such as newspapers, hold small town meeting and neighborhood meeting, etc…

Goal:Put pressure on the President, Senators and Representative to do that which they promised during their campaign regardless of party affiliation.  Their Word is their Bond. Grade them!
Objective:Inform America’s public of promises made, promises kept and promises broken.
Plan:Publicize candidates’ promises and scrutinize their fulfillment of those promises.

Goal:Convert our nation from an Income Taxing system to a Consumption Taxing system.
Objective:Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment giving Congress the authority to tax peoples’ Income.
Plan:Inform the public what is wrong with Income Tax System.

Goal:Re-establish the sovereignty of the States' rights to elect Senators
Objective:Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment which changed the way Senators were elected.
Plan:Inform the public why the States should retain the right to elect Senators.

Goal:Forbid citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants. Natural Born Citizenship is reserved for children of citizens or those who are legally in our country.
Objective:Supreme Court review Fourteenth Amendment and/or pass Amendment to modify Fourteenth Amendment.
Plan:Sue states for giving birth certificates to children born to illegal immigrants.  If the court rules against us, then move to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants, then move to have an Amendment to the Constitution.

Goal:Bring American dollars home by eliminating the ability for foreigners to park their American dollars in loans to the U.S. Treasury.
Objective:Pass an amendment to the Constitution to deny the government the ability to borrow money from foreigners except during National Emergency such as War.  Congress by three-fourths vote would have to declare the National Emergency.
Plan:Work in all states to get two-thirds of State Legislatures to vote to have a convention to initiate the amendment.

Goal:To protect the Rights of parents to determine the education for their children including home schooling and teaching their own children.
Objective:Pass an Amendment to add another Bill of Rights protecting parents rights to home school.
Plan:Work in all states to get two-thirds State Legislatures to vote to call for a convention to amend the U. S. Constitution (Most states already have rules about course materials and testing standards.)

Goal:To protect the Rights of Property owners from the government taking their property and giving it to other persons or groups for economic development.
Objective:Pass an Amendment to protect Property Rights.
Plan:Work in all states to get two-thirds State Legislatures to vote to call for a convention to amend the U. S. Constitution.