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Are you tired of being a slave
to the Government for taking
part of your Labor (Income)?
Are you tired of the
telling you how to spend
the income they let you keep?

Do you believe the
Government has the right
to give your income
to others (Redistribution)?

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American Political Center

During the last 50 years we have become accustomed to America’s political center being moved to the left whereas the citizens are still Right of Center. If someone had fallen asleep in 1960 and awoke today, they would be amazed at the dramatic shift not having seen the small changes taking place day by day to America’s political center.  This shift is taken for granite because we know no difference. 

What we consider America’s political center today has moved little by little to the left year after year.  This is not to say that some of the changes that have occurred were not necessary – those changes to bring our Nation in line with the Constitution, such as Civil Rights, were necessary and correct.  But the movement of the political center to the left accomplished by literal interpretation of the Constitution “that asset taken from one group and given to another group is justified” is wrong.

Our goal is to move the political center of our Nation back to the right of center to be aligned with the people. Only those of us who have lived through this process can recognize how extreme the change has been.  Gone are the instincts that individuals and their achievements were admired.  They were not just lucky, they worked hard to accomplish those achievements and other life goals.

This is not unlike for us to cheer for our Nation’s representatives at the Olympics, where individuals are rewarded for their achievements.  Where is that same spirit in America for those who are successful in life?  Sorry to say, but our Nation’s political center now believe they were just lucky and now owe their rewards to those who are unlucky in life.  What if those Gold, Silver and Bronze winners at the Olympics had to come home and share their awards with others who were not lucky enough to make the cut for the Olympics?

Look at the change that has occurred during the last three generations versus the change that occurred during the previous eight generations since the establishing of our Constitution and Republic.  During the last three generations these ideals by which our founding generations lived now have been forgotten. 

Just as the invention of agriculture (ability to grow our food), changed the world to enable the human ingenuity to create our modern life, the creation of our Nation founded on the Constitution, has changed the world forever.  The right to freedom has been born.

We cannot allow the world to lose our Nation as the “Beacon of Light for Freedom.”

Since the invention of agriculture the concepts of Property, Wealth and Power has spread throughout the world.   The basis of our Constitution has been to control these three human concepts.

The Constitution has established the absolute right to property and ownership thereof.  The Constitution set forth the rules limiting power of government so as to protect individual freedom.  And finally the Constitution put limitless bounds on the wealth that individuals can accumulate by protecting the freedom of choice with the pursuit of happiness.  Our Constitution serves as the control mechanism to protect our property rights, wealth accumulation and defend us from power corruption thus sustaining our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

The Olympics show us that our generation still possesses the national fervor we have always carried for individual accomplishments.  It is these instincts of National pride that enable us to connect to our previous generations, to our Nation’s “Founding Fathers”.

This is our “Movement”