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Are you tired of being a slave
to the Government for taking
part of your Labor (Income)?
Are you tired of the
telling you how to spend
the income they let you keep?

Do you believe the
Government has the right
to give your income
to others (Redistribution)?

Learn how to elimiate the Income Tax!

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Quick Review: FY 2020

$1.6 T - US Income Taxes
$0.212 T = US Corporate Taxes
(Note: Consumer Taxes is 7.24 time greater than Corporate Taxes)

$3.42 T = US Revenue
$6.55 T = US Spending
$3.13 T = US Deficit
$5.03 T = Increased Debt Ceiling

US GDP and Debt Ceiling Review:

Ratio:Debt Ceiling/GDP:
2022 = ??%
2021 = 127%
2020 = 133%
2019 = 106%

GDP 2022: $xx.xx T
GDP 2021: $22.67 T
GDP 2020: $20.94 T (Covid)
GDP 2019: $21.43 T

Debt Ceiling: Jan 2023 $34.00 T
Debt Ceiling: Oct 2022 $28.88 T
Debt Ceiling: Aug 2021 $28.40 T
Debt Ceiling: 2020 $27.75 T
Debt Ceiling: 2019 $22.72 T

Foreign Debt: 2023
Japan: $1.1 Trillion
China: $0.859 Trillion
UK: $0.668 Trillion
Belgium: $0.331 Trillion
Luxembourg: $0.318 Trillion

Welcome to Preserve Our Nation!

Our uniquely American Republicanism Constitution is the greatest constitutional document ever created for "These United States of America", praised by nations around the world for protecting natural freedoms and liberties, written not as a living document changing with every evolution of our culture, changing only through the occasional Amendment protecting us from each other when the majority rules over the minority.

The Constitution has established the absolute right to property and ownership thereof.  The Constitution set forth the rules limiting power of government so as to protect individual freedom.  And finally the Constitution put limitless bounds on the wealth that individuals can accumulate by protecting the freedom of choice with the pursuit of happiness.  Our Constitution serves as the control mechanism to protect our property rights, wealth accumulation and defend us from power corruption thus sustaining our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

I have for years thought about the political shift of our Nation to the far left. In March 2008 I started down this path of creating Preserve Our Nation to move our Nation back to the political "Right of Center". The 2008 election was still working in the primaries. Democrats were deciding between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as their presidential representative. Republicans were nominating John McCain. We know the results of the 2008 election: a continued path to the far left into the world of Liberalism. This Liberal shift to the left continued in the 2012 re-election of President Obama over Mitt Romney.

What our Nation needs is CHANGE!  Change to stop the continued movement of the government to the political left as seen over the past one hundred (100) years (since 1913).  Our Nation's citizens are political "Right of Center". Change is about moving our Nation's government to the political "Right of Center".

It's 2024 and "Today's Left-Right divide is at least as great as the North-South divide before and during the Civil War" Dennis Prager laments and continues "The only thing that remains the same is that the Democratic Party that opposed freedom then, and it is the Democratic party that opposes freedom today." Will our American Republicanism Constitution survive or is it dying a slow death from the Democrats' WOKE left?

As during the Civil War, it is up to the Republicans again to save the Union, our Republic, from destruction by the Democrats!

The Democrats have longed tormented Republicans by taunts of being politically incorrect, racists, uncaring, making America Great as evil, cruel or just Evil. Over the past six decades the Democrats have use such language to force Republicians to yield to their wishes. No More!

With the 2020 election of Joe Biden over Donald Trump as President, the Nation has recently acknowledged their vote for Joe Biden was a mistake pushing the Nation too far to the Progressive "Far Left of Center" and it is now time to move to the political "Right of Center". We shall see if the Nation can make this transition back to save the Republic in the 2024 election..

It now becomes our most important goals to accomplish the tasks that I outline in these documents starting first with one of the two following goals. I believe that Congress would prefer the second choice. Please note that the "Conventions of States" is close to having the required States calling for a Convention. Seeing this, I assume that Congress will move to take action first.

Our desire is to have two-thirds of both Houses of Congress OR to solicit 2/3 of the individual State Legislatures to call for a "Convention of States" for the purpose of proposing specific Amendments to the U.S. Constitution which must be ratified by 3/4 of the State Legislatures. Under a "Convention of States", proposed Amendment topics must be preapproved by States in order to be discussed and voted on during the Convention of States.

As an alternative to a "Convention of States", we desire that Congress will propose specific Amendments to be sent to the States for ratification by 3/4 of the State Legislatures.

Our Primary Goal is to honor the U.S. Constitution and insure that it is interpreted as the "Framers" and "Founding Fathers" intended.  We do not believe the Constitution is to be interrupted as a "living ever-changing document".  We are standing firm for the Constitution.

We believe that you have the intelligence and common sense to run your own life without government interference. We have plans to guard your Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (owning property).

Do you need a hand up to achieve the American Dream: moving to Middle-Class, owning your own business, owning your home, putting your kids through college, becoming debt free and many more dreams? Our Government is fighting against you to make your dreams come true. The basic rules we live under need to be changed. More regulations and laws will not fix the problem. Only changes to the Constitution will clear the path for your dreams to come true.

"Having witnessed firsthand how much loophole-creating slicing and dicing of a modern tax code is required to permit an economy to function, why have they not long since simplified matters with flat taxes?" a comment by Joseph C. Sternberg in October 8, 2021 Wall Street Journal conveying a message to politicians. Instead of President Biden adding tens of thousands new IRS employees/agents, with the FAIRTAX the number of IRS employees can be reduced from current 90,000 plus new 80,000 to less than 10,000 employees. The cuurent 4,000 plus pages of IRS rules could be reduced to less than 100 pages.

Our goal is to give every American a true 100% tax cut, that is elimination of all taxes (Income and FICA). Repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment is a goal to change our tax system from an income tax to a consumption tax. Our favorite alternative consumption tax is the Fairtax. Changing the tax structure will directly alter the economic behavior of individuals resulting in more productive output, higher incomes, more jobs, growth in the economy (GDP) and increased tax revenues due to higher incomes. Increased tax revenues not only pay for current government expenditures but pay off the national debt.

Why does this work? The simple answer is "high tax rates" make more people invest to avoid paying taxes as in purchasing tax-exempt securities or moving investments off-shore to avoid our high tax rates. When the rich avoid paying taxes due to higher tax rates, either middle-class tax payers have to make up the slack in tax revenues, the government borrows more money, or both. Higher tax rates move money away from expanding the economy (GDP) toward less productive activities.

On the other hand, lower tax rates on the rich does not shift the tax burden to the middle-income class because tax revenues increases from the rich. Lower tax rates on the rich moves investments out of tax-exempt securities back into taxable income investments and lower tax rates makes it more attractive to move off-shore investments back on-shore, again both resulting in more tax revenue from the rich.

Another goal is to give sovereignty and representation back to the States by repealing the Seventeenth Amendment which took away the rights of the States to appoint Senators. The "Framers' and the "Founding Fathers" established the Senate to be elected by the State Legislatures so as to be represented of the State Governments and limit the majority from controlling the rights of the minority. Today, the State citizens majority elects the House Representators and the Senators. States Governments have no say in the Federal Government System, thus forcing the States Governors to beg from the Federal Government. Thus becoming a political pawn by the ruling federal administration. Give the States back their representation.

Free trade around the world is one of our objectives, allowing the free market and capitalism to build the American economy and to spread these concepts to other nations. Trade is about building businesses; business at home, businesses abroad and businesses in developing countries. Trade improves literacy, economic growth and public health. Environmental improvements automatically follow these.

The free market does not distinguish between political persuasions whereas the government does. Therein lies the problem with Liberals who seek to convert the free market system to government control. Free markets are important because markets are forced to tell the truth about consumer supply and demand.

Our society depends on the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government. We spend tremendous amounts of time and efforts on electing Presidents, Senators and Representatives. We know from past history that the election of government officials does not result in problem resolution. We no longer have confidence in the government to get things done: Government is not the solution.

What has proven to work are individual citizens bringing action to force change. This organization, Preserve Our Nation, is dedicated to bring pressure utilizing legal means to force the elected officials to obey the Constitution. In some cases, this will require legal action brought before the Supreme Court. In other cases, this will require offering amendments to the Constitution.

Help us to win the fight to Preserve Our Nation. Losing is not an option.

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Don B. Stuart, President
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